Milking Your Minutes to Get the Most From Your Day


Have you ever felt like there just aren’t enough minutes in the day? We’ve all been there. The more technology helps us become faster in our work, the more it seems the work piles on. Sometimes we even find ourselves having to take on even more responsibilities to make up for a lack of resources. It’s a lot to handle.

Feeling stressed over a busy schedule day after day can cause anxiety and lead to other health issues like headaches, heart disease, depression, and even gastrointestinal issues. Learning some simple time management techniques can help us feel more in control of our hectic schedules and keep our stress levels in check.

Tips for Managing Time Well

  • Write down three things you need to do today at work and at home. You may have a lot more to do than that—that’s okay. Just focus on things that you think you can get done by the end of today. Why three? Because it’s manageable. If you have too many items on the list, you’ll be more likely to focus on the fact that you can’t get it all done, which could fuel anxiety. Instead, focus on what you can do and celebrate those achievements.
  • Keep your email closed and only check it at certain points throughout the day. Emails that roll in constantly can break your focus on the task at hand, making it difficult to work efficiently. Dedicating time to work on tasks uninterrupted as well as time to read and respond to emails will help you feel more on top of things.
  • If you have an office, shut the door while working on projects or put up a “do not disturb” sign if you have a cubicle. Try wearing earbuds if you are distracted by noises.
  • Be present. If you multitask, nothing gets done well—you may even have to redo certain tasks. Take it one project at a time, understanding there is just one of you and you are doing your best.
  • Take small breaks throughout the day. Go on a 15-minute walk. Get some fresh air. You will return more creative, clear-minded and ready to take on the rest of the day.
  • If you find yourself feeling too distracted to work, close your eyes and breathe for five minutes. This will help center you and help you refocus with a clearer mind.

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