On the Rise: Wellness Programs for the Workplace


Over the years, more workplaces have incorporated wellness programs to motivate employees to take care of their health and manage potential risks. A typical workplace wellness program is designed to support healthy behaviors through education, coaching, medical screenings, weight management programs, fitness programs, and more.

Wellness programs can also include policies designed to support employee health at work by allowing time for exercise, providing healthy snacks, and offering incentives for participation in wellness activities. While these programs are focused on providing benefits to employees, they also benefit the employer by helping to curb the rising cost of providing health insurance.

Kansas City has a great opportunity to implement wellness programs through AdventHealth's CorporateCare Occupational Medicine Network.

Our goal at CorporateCare is to help companies provide a good, safe workplace. We consult with companies and assist them with making changes to manage and reduce at-work injuries and increase involvement in wellness programs to keep employees healthier.
CorporateCare offers services at three clinics throughout Kansas and Missouri as well as onsite at employers’ businesses. The wide range of occupational medicine services offered includes:

  • Physicals – Along with pre-employment/post-offer physical exams, CorporateCare also provides exams tailored for specific purposes (i.e. firefighter, law enforcement, state required assessments for child and healthcare providers, OSHA regulated exams, return to work and fitness for duty).
  • Injury Care and Management – Gives companies access to full medical staff and clinics during business hours for treatment of non-life-threatening conditions. Specialists here can evaluate employee illness or injury to determine appropriateness of worker’s comp cases.
  • Rehabilitation Department – Provides ergonomic assessments, physical therapy, injury prevention training and job task analysis.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing – Offers drug and alcohol testing 24/7 for employers and administers random testing programs.
  • Wellness Programs – Provides corporate wellness programs, flu shots, and health screenings and training.
  • Medical Staffing – Physician, nursing, and physical therapy staffing for your company’s medical department on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis.

AdventHealth welcomes partnerships with local businesses to improve the overall health and wellness of the community. “We are the largest not-for-profit occupational medicine organization in the city, and our experience working with employers to develop a cost-effective environment for prevention and care of occupational illnesses and injuries is what sets us apart,” says Brown.

CorporateCare serves the greater Kansas City area with offices in Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, and North Kansas City.