Routine Maintenance for Men’s Bodies


Taking good care of your vehicle is a no-brainer. Most men know routine maintenance helps cars perform better and last longer. But what about your body? Shouldn’t it get the same care and attention?

It’s sometimes jokingly said the number one health risk for men is procrastination. But there’s a bit of truth in the statement. Many men don’t go to the doctor until they are already sick. Here are a few highly recommended “maintenance tips” for men.

All-points inspection

If you do only one thing for your health, get an annual physical exam. During the office visit, you’ll get your weight, blood pressure, and vitals checked, and if need be, your cholesterol and blood sugar as well. Consider it a “100-point inspection.” Your physician will also review your family history, alcohol use and smoking habits, and make sure your immunizations are up to date. As you get older, you may also need to get colon and prostate cancer screenings.

Testosterone levels checked

As men age, their testosterone levels may decrease, and even younger men may develop low testosterone levels due to various factors. Testosterone plays a key role in maintaining bone density, energy levels, muscle mass, sex drive, and even red blood cell production. Appropriate testosterone levels generally promote a feeling of “well-being” in men, with the opposite being true of low testosterone levels.

If you are experiencing fatigue, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, poor mood, muscle atrophy, diffuse hair loss, or weight gain, then strongly consider making and appointment with your primary care provider to discuss screening for low testosterone levels.

Keep in mind that other illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, lung disease, sleep apnea, and obesity can frequently co-exist with low testosterone levels and should be discussed and evaluated as well.

Schedule your routine maintenance

AdventHealth makes it easy and convenient to get routine health check-ups. Call the Men’s Health Line at 913-632-3232 to schedule an appointment with one of our men’s health experts. Prior to your appointment, you can get your blood drawn so your results are ready when you come for your appointment. On the day of, your physician can also perform any other necessary screenings.

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