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The MyHealthKC Exercise Planner is designed to help you get organized with a new fitness goal. Research has shown that when we commit our plans to writing, we’re more likely to stick to them. Use the Exercise Planner to write down your activity goals for the week. Your plan should include active days as well as rest days. 

 The Exercise Planner also includes a tracking portion that allows you to create a quick reference for the equipment you use each week so you can keep track of the optimal weight, sets, and reps for each exercise. If you’re just getting started using equipment, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A rep is a single move of an exercise (like a pushup). A set is a group of consecutive reps (like 10 pushups). 
  • Depending on your fitness goal, you may do more or less than 10 reps per set. Prior to beginning your workout plan, figure the appropriate number of sets and reps to aim for based on your goal. 
  • Assess your ability by testing out different weights. You’ll have found the right starting weight when you notice the last two or three reps are pretty difficult, but you can get through several reps with ease. Record these numbers in your Exercise Tracker each week.

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