Kansas City Restaurants That Source from Local Farms


With agriculture being such an integral part of the region’s economy, many Kansas City restaurants have embraced the farm-to-table philosophy, choosing to source their menu from local, sustainable farms. Sourcing local foods requires extra effort from the chef and some flexibility on the menu. The great news for Kansas City foodies is that lots of organically grown, sustainable food options are available from local restaurants, and seasonal menus mean more variety to tempt the taste buds.

Here are just some of the many Kansas City restaurants who are serving up locally grown produce and meat:

The Farmhouse

  • Organic, non GMO
  • On the menu: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Location: River Market

The Farmhouse serves locally sourced comfort food and works with local farmers to grow the produce and animals they need. This allows them to harvest food as-needed, cutting down on waste.

Westside Local

  • On the menu: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Location: Westside

The Westside Local is a fun, casual dining experience centered on fresh food that’s sourced locally.

Blue Bird Bistro

  • Organic, all-natural, sustainable, local
  • On the menu: breakfast, brunch, dinner, lunch
  • Location: Westside

Blue Bird Bistro serves from-scratch Mi- American Artisan Cuisine made with pure, organic food raised and grown by local farmers.

Café Gratitude

  • Organic and eco-friendly foods
  • On the menu: Lunch & dinner
  • Location: Crossroads

    Café Gratitude’s philosophy pairs the mind-body connection with whole foods to create a dining experience centered on health, wellness, and gratitude.

Room 39

  • Chef-owned
  • On the menu: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Location: Midtown & Leawood

Room 39 showcases farm-to-table dedication in a unique culinary experience, rooted in classical American cuisine.


  • Happy hour daily: 4:30 – 7:00
  • Chef owned
  • On the menu: brunch & dinner
  • Location: Crossroads

Affare is a modern, family-owned German restaurant with a locally sourced menu that rotates seasonally.


  • Chef-owned
  • Happy hour Mon-Sat 4-6
  • On the menu: breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
  • Location: Brookside

Aixois Bistro serves classic French cuisine with a focus on seasonal, local, organic ingredients. Chef Emmanual works with area farmers, butchers, and bakers to bring local flavor to his classic French cuisine.

Café Blackadder

  • Green café practices
  • On the menu: Lunch
  • Location: Downtown Warrensburg, MO

Café Blackladder serves locally sourced, farm-fresh food year-round. Working with as many as ten farmers at a time, the restaurant receives fresh food almost daily.


  • Many diet accommodations
  • On the menu: Lunch & dinner
  • Location: Brookside

Canihaveabite is a local dining experience focused on clean eating and sustainability. Rooted in the philosophy of healing through food, the restaurant also offers pre-made meals to take home for the week or month.


  • Chef owned
  • Happy hour: Wed – Fri 4:30 – 6:30
  • On the menu: dinner
  • Location: Prairie Village

Story is an elegant, upscale neighborhood restaurant serving fresh, local, American cuisine with Spanish, French, and Italian influences.

P.S. Check out the MyHealthKC Recipes section for healthy meals you can make at home, including recipes from Carl Thorne-Thompson, chef-owner at Story.